One of the things we look forward to do most is hosting events  for our clients. Over here at Wine Bos, we have created countless special memories for our clients by tailoring to their preferences and pleasing them with the right wine selection.

Wine BOS is the perfect venue for intimate dinner parties, Cocktails, Company Gatherings, Birthday Parties product launches ROMs Weddings etc. We hope to be able to create more enjoyable memories for you.
You are also welcome to dine in on non event evenings. Our Specials are;
Mondays Pork Knuckle at only $15
Tuesdays: Pastas and Pizzas are only $12/-
Wednesdays is Ladies Night ….Free wines for Ladies between 7-9pm (must eat main course)
Thursdays is Burger & Fries Night ($14+) and our Friends night(mingle with new found Wine Friends)
Sat/Sun we have $9 steaks (full Meal) until 9pm
Everyday Freeflo wines from 6-8pm – Must order a snack or a meal.

Give us a call on 6538 7886
Give us a call on +65 6909 3828
Or email us at or to enquire more about our event packages.

ROM and Weddings  Looking for a intimate cozy venue with free flow Wines for your wedding? You can now celebrate your ROM or Wedding at our new Cozy Wine BOS Lounge.We have almost everything you need for a loving and enjoyable night. Great atmosphere, food, music and free flow soft drinks at prices ranging from $30-60 per pax.Most importantly, we make sure your guests are well pampered with tasty, drinkable and affordable wines for you. Choose from a range of Australian, Chilean, Spanish wines at around $20-00 per bottle.

Wine AppreciationsWine has become such an extremely important beverage that NO decent restaurant, Pub or hotel would ever think of being without wine on their menu. In Singapore the popularity is fast replacing other drinks and it has become extremely fashionable and trendy to sip wine at functions and parties instead of being a “beer guzzler”.

Hence, our wine appreciation events aim to equip our clients with the basics that will allow them to talk and discuss wines and through that process learn even more about wine. Over the years, Wine BOS has conducted over 500 Wine Appreciation Evenings from beginners to fully advanced as well as Wine Dinners, Wine Cocktail parties, Team Building Nights.

Dining EtiquetteNot sure on how to hold a knife, where the bread plate goes or who has to make the first toast? We cover all of that in our Dining Etiquette Course. Suitable for all those who who would like to learn about finer points on the right manners nor the right spoons to use during a formal dinner.

Normal Dining/Drinks Reservations & Enquiries

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