Wine Consulting Service

We are experienced Wine people, we have imported, exported, distributed wines throughout Asia. We know the best shipping rates/airfreights and all the logistics required for you to establish a healthy wine business.
We give sound advice on which wines would sell in which countries and the prices from entry level to exotic priced wines. We are not just consultants who advise, WE HAVE WALKED THE WALK, SO WE CAN TALK THE TALK.
We have imported wines from EVERY major New World and Old World country and know the Ins and Outs of their particular wines. WE KNOW WHICH WILL SELL AND WHICH ONES WON’T. We have Chinese speaking staff and experience in selling into China,Korea,Taiwan etc. Whether it’s pallets, cartons, Bulk wine generic labels,translations etc.
We can advise you on establishing Wine Bars, Wine Outlets and Wine Companies here complete with legal advice in Asia and the tricky importing laws.We have also advised Hotels, Supermarkets and Restaurant on proper staff wine training. We know most of the importers in most Asian countries and which wines they buy.
So please contact us if you wish to have our advice with over 30 years experience in the wine business in Asia.

Drop us an email at and see how we can help you out.