How to Analyze a Wine

What I am asking you to do now is not quite the norm when you get a glass of wine at a party or at a friends, however it can be done when you are asked to give your views on the wine. In most cases just sip it and then decide how you feel about it.
1. Fill the glass about one quarter full with wine
2. Start twirling the wine in your glass in circular fashion, this releases the aroma.
3. Now you have to smell the wine and you do that by sticking your nose well into the glass and inhale……..let whatever thought your senses tell you come to mind, be it citrus, melon, petrol, cinnamon etc etc
4. After you have distinguished that, put the glass to your lips and take a sip don’t swallow. Twirl the wine in your mouth almost like a mouth wash, also try sucking it  by pursing your lips and suck air through it so that the spray hits the back of your throat. This may make you cough, however this is a good way to test the wine flavour and alcohol content.

5. After fully sloshing it around your mouth, swallow it, although at proper wine tastings you spit it out.

6. Then give your honest views of what you think it tasted like. Now remember wine very seldom taste of grapes. Most common descriptions are berry, tropical fruits, chocolate, spicy (e.g shiraz) leathery.
7. So now you can start analyzing  wines but the most important thing is to be honest with yourself.